• 15September
    Restaurant Burger & Pizzetta in the SEC "European" continues to please its guests with a beneficial cocktail "2 + 1": when buying two cocktails of the same name, the third - as a gift. Details
    In autumn, this special offer spread immediately to two cocktails: the classic Aperol Spritz with orange chips (450 rubles) and a young Italian Hugo based on sparkling wine with elderberry syrup (450 rubles). In addition to the refreshing drinks participating in the action, the chief bartender of the restaurant Oleg Kashin offers Burger & Pizzetta guests 14 cocktails, among which are classic ones - Margarita based on tequila (380 rubles), ginger Moscow Mule (330 rubles) and spicy Campari Negroni 390 rubles), and exotic - Pina Colada (360 rubles).
  • 09June
    To prepare an ideal burger outdoors it isn't necessary to go long shopping and to the markets in search of necessary ingredients, and also to spend time for preparatory process. The Burger&Pizzetta restaurant has started the option "Burgers for Picnics". Details
    Now here it is possible to acquire full-fledged sets with the cooled marbled beef cutlets and other stuffings, company rolls бриошь, vegetables and sauces. It is possible prepare at the dacha a burger with cepes and truffle sauce (420 rub), with goat cheese and cranberry jam (590 rub), with the Balkan fragrant cutlets of a chevapchicha (450 rub) and even with falafel (330 rub). In total to the order 15 various sets are available. It is possible to get them at the restaurant or by means of the delivery service which takes orders by phone of restaurant and through the uniform il FORNO Group mobile application. At the order of delivery it is necessary to make a mark in comments "Burgers for a picnic". Through the appendix the discount from 10% to 20% depending on the status of the user works.
  • 15May
    Now it is possible to order delivery of dishes from Burger&Pizzetta by means of the uniform il FORNO Group mobile application or on a dedicated line of phone of restaurant. Details
    To organize a tasty lunch at office, a family dinner or a house party with loved by burgers on magnificent rolls бриошь, various pizzetta, specialty snack, hot dishes and drinks has become possible. In May il FORNO Group have released the updated version of a uniform mobile application of delivery with the added list of restaurants. Now here you are waited always by the urgent illustrated il FORNO menus, Limonchino, FORNETTO and Burger&Pizzetta. The minimum order value from Burger&Pizzetta restaurant – 1000 rub with the accounting of a discount, delivery time – of 60 minutes. Also orders are taken by the main phone of restaurant (at the order by phone of a discount don't work). The updated il FORNO Group mobile application is already available to downloading in App Store and Google Play. Advantages to users: free shipping across Moscow within MKAD, convenient formation of the order, preservation of history of orders, discounts and bonuses, isn't present need of registration. The delivery service works daily from 11:00 till 22:00. * the Constant of 10% the discount at the order through a mobile application increases to 20% at each following order within 7 days. ** The discount of 20% which affects also each following order within 7 days is provided to new users at the first order through the appendix.

other news

  • The construction of a new meat restaurant with a burger gourmet called 800 ° C Contemporary Steak is in full swing in a freestanding two-story building on the Patriarch's Ponds.
    For the preparation of meat, unique technologies and furnaces will be used here, which have no analogues in Russia. There will be a clear menu of the highest quality products, as well as branded burgers and mashed potatoes with various additives. The chef of the project was Sergey Balashov (Beeftro, "Limonchino", Burger & Pizzetta), who spent 3 months at the well-known restaurant Beefbar in Monaco under the direction of Chef Thierry Paludetto. Address: Bolshoy Patriarshy Pereulok, Building 6, p. 1. Close
  • Interior and play area: The interior of Craft Kitchen was worked by the team of architect Maria Zhukova MMZ PROJECT (Burger & Pizzetta, Erwin, Duran Bar, Food Embassy, etc.).
    At the entrance of the guests meets a glass refrigerator with barrels of draft beer, followed by a large contact bar made of polished concrete. The wall behind the bar is decorated with 2 author's stained glass paintings with mirror inserts, on the other wall you can see a hand-painted map of beer styles around the world. An important role in space is assigned to the lighting solution and the game area with screens for sports broadcasts, table football, hockey and professional darts. Close
  • The big seasonal menu of the Italian restaurants il FORNO was replenished with dishes with the Crimean black truffle.
    This mushroom of the chef is called gastronomic diamond, and guests of restaurants choose dishes with truffle for bright many-sided aroma. It is considered to be that ideal truffle grows only in France and Italy, but actually it can also be found on the coast of the Black Sea. In the Crimea truffle meets at a depth of 10-15 centimeters underground in young oak and beechen underbrushes. From there also gets on kitchens of il FORNO restaurants. Here sprinkle a generous portion of petals of black Crimean truffle on carpaccio from marbled beef with juicy mustard sauce (1499 rub) and juicy fillet of beef which chiefs serve on a pillow from mushroom ragout with chanterelles, oyster mushrooms, champignons and cepes (2599 rub). Also in the seasonal menu it is possible to find safe classical combinations - gentle Parmidzhano risotto with truffle (1499 rub) and tagliatelle in black truffle sauce (1399 rub). Close
  • Beer from all over the world! The geography of bottled and draft beer in Craft Kitchen ranges from Japan to Ireland, the Craft Kitchen is represented by more than 300 varieties that are in constant rotation.
    Prices for draft beer - from 290 rubles. for a glass. Helps to orientate in a wide range and choose the perfect couple for the chosen dish professional beer sommelier. Also, each guest of Craft Kitchen can taste one of four beer sets: light, dark, fruity and a complete set of all 16 varieties. Close
  • The il FORNO Group restaurant holding has opened a Craft Kitchen gastropap with three hundred varieties of bottled and draft beer, international cuisine, a play area, live broadcasts of major sporting events and panoramic views of the capital.
    Craft Kitchen earned in August 2017 in the SEC "European" next to another project of the holding, the restaurant Burger & Pizzetta. For the kitchen here responds to the chef Alexander Borzenko (Glenuill, Zupperia, Bread & Meat), for the assortment of beer - the chief barman il FORNO Group Oleg Kashin. The philosophy of local gastronomy is foodpacking, so most dishes and even a chocolate fondant sauce are prepared with the addition of beer. Close
  • The restaurant holding il FORNO Group has opened гастропаб Craft Kitchen with three hundred grades of bottle and draft beer, the international kitchen, a game zone, live broadcasts of the main sports events and a panoramic view of the capital.
    Craft Kitchen earned in August, 2017 in Evropeysky shopping Center in the neighbourhood with other project of holding, Burger&Pizzetta restaurant. For kitchen the chef Alexander Borzenko (Glenuill, Zupperia, Bread&Meat), is responsible for the range of beer here - the chief-bartender of il FORNO Group Oleg Kashin. Philosophy of a local gastronomy - a fudpeyring so the majority of dishes and even sauce for the chocolate fountain is cooked with addition of beer. In Craft Kitchen experiment with Asian tastes, the Magadan shrimps, smoked in own smoking shed on pear chips (the 400th rub / portion on 1 guest), the fried Volga crayfish in soy sauce with garlic and fresh chili pepper (the 710th rub / portion on 1 guest), 7 types of caviar (from 150 rub for 30 g), a pickles from oak barrels offer (from 100 rub for 100 g). Among delicacies to beer it is possible to find a bear, an elk, a silver salmon, a chir and not only (from 200 rub for 50 g). A useful alternative of snack – vegetable straws with a cauliflower and sauce of a tsatsika (300 rub) and also a mix from buckwheat, rice and shrimp fitness chips with sauce of a tapenad (290 rub). In the section of soups the chief recommends to pay attention to fragrant Thai tom yum with squids and shrimps (490 rub) and dense German Linseneintopf from lentil with sausages (300 rub). From main courses it is worth tasting fragmentary beef-syuvid with a lazy graten from a root of a celery and green peas (660 rub), the crackling chicken fillet with brezaoly, camembert cheese and potato balls (790 rub), фиш&чипс from a seabass in a beer batter (590 rub). The geography of bottle and draft beer stretches from Japan to Ireland, all more than 300 grades which are in continuous rotation are presented to Craft Kitchen. The prices of draft beer – from 290 rub for a glass. Helps to orient with the wide assortment and to pick up ideal couple to the chosen dish the professional beer sommelier. Also each guest of Craft Kitchen can taste one of four beer sets: a light, dark, fruit and full set from all 16 grades. The team of the architect Maria Zhukova MMZ PROJECT worked on an interior of a new gastropab (Burger&Pizzetta, Erwin, Duran Bar, Food Embassy, etc.). At an entrance guests are welcomed by the glass refrigerator with barrels of draft beer behind which the big contact bar counter from the polished concrete begins. The wall behind bar is decorated by 2 author's stained glass pictures with mirror inserts, on other wall it is possible to see the card of styles of beer of the whole world painted manually. The important part in space is assigned to the light decision and a game zone with screens for sports broadcastings, table football, hockey and professional darts. Average bill – 1500 rub. Quantity of seats – 140. Business hours: вс. - чт. from 11:00 till 23:00, пт. - сб. from 11:00 till 00:00. Address: Kiev Railway Station Square, house 2, Evropeysky shopping Center, 2 floor, atrium Berlin. Close


“Burger & Pizzetta” is a new concepts breaking different stereotypes of the usual representation of the restaurant in shopping malls. The nontrivial menu and high quality products do not interfere with the democratic pricing. A stylish interior with different zones and comfortable furniture offers each guest a laid-back rest. The restaurant opened its doors in the «Berlin» atrium on the second floor of the «Evropeisky» shopping mall in September 2016. The kitchen is run by Bili Shabani while Glen Ballis is an invited concept-chef of the restaurant.

The philosophy of the restaurant - sharing is caring: come together with groups of your friends and order a many different dishes, doing so everyone can taste as much as possible and share it. The main place in the menu, as you might guess, is taken by burgers and pizzettas (new format of pizza with a thin pizza dough and crispy lush edge). Our signature Brioche buns which are baked with a secret old traditional receipt which we use for our famous burgers. All meat patties are made by the highest qualitative marble beef provided exclusively by only Russian suppliers.

There is a long list of toppings and original flavor combinations but it is better just to taste than to say thousand of words about it. For example, here you can find burgers with shredded beef, B&P Special, Mexican spicy with guacamole and salsa sauce or vegeterian with falafel and yoghurt-mint sauce. Every Pizzettas' condiment is a truly gastronomic discovery: 4 cheese with sweet mango chutney, shrimps with soy sprouts and ginger sauce, falafel with spicy tahini and an unusual combination of cheese with Korean kimchi. Homemade sauces (there are 9 of them) make an ideal team to burgers, corn fries and even for the crust our pizzetta. If you want to eat something absolutely exceptional try our sides ie. Almond crusted avocado fries and or zucchini fries.

Other dishes in Burger & Pizzetta are in the best traditions of smart comfort food - simple ingredients that are not boring for everyday meals. The recipes are collected from all over the world and enhanced by Glen Ballis touches: pumpkin salad with hummus and baked apple, Vietnamese Coleslaw salad with baked shrimps and chicken, braised shoulder of lamb with buckwheat and poached egg, confit duck leg with mashed parsnips and more.

In the beverage menu it is better to pay attention to the " Healthy drinks" section: Aloe vera detox smoothie with chia seeds, pineapple-basil smoothie, eleven ingredients Vitamix with the addition of flax seeds. Enjoy a special Boom Boom coffe or Spanish cortado with a piece of our magical tasting blueberry pie in the end of the meal and the world will seem beautiful!

The interior design was developed by Maria Zhukova Bureau of Architecture «MMZ Projest» (Erwin, Duran Bar, Food Embassy, ​​etc.). From the panoramic windows of Burger & Pizzetta opens the view on the epicenter of the city life: the Ministry of Foreign Affairs building, the "Ukraina" Hotel, the skyscraper at Krasnaya Presnya and Government of Moscow complex at Novy Arbat. The furniture was brought from Netherlands, designer in Russia made sofas sketches, and the interior features were collected from all corners of Europe. A large open kitchen is situated on the podium. A bright Art Deco style object, also a symbol of the restaurant - three-meter brass rhinoceros is placed on leather belts in the heart of the restaurant.

Average bill: 800 RUR
Number of seats: 150
Sunday – Thursday: 10:00 – 23:00
Friday – Saturday: 10:00 – 00:00
2 floor, «Berlin» Atrium, SEC «Evropeisky», 2, Kievsky Station Square, Moscow


TC Evropeysky, square. Kiev station, 2nd floor, atrium Berlin

Tel.:+7 (495) 968 53 73


Working hours:
Mon-Thu 10.00 a.m. - 23.00 a.m.
Fri-Sun 10.00 a.m. - 00.00 p.m.